Our Story

AboutOurStory smThe first written record of our congregation is dated January 21, 1837. In 1850, the first church building was erected at the corner of Main and Marion Streets. In 1886 Rev. W.P. McKinsey led a revival where over 200 people were converted to Christ. This necessitated a new and larger church. In 1887, a second church was built four blocks south, at the corner of Main and Harrison streets. This building has been through many changes and weathered many storms but has remained a constant in our community and we make a difference as we are in ministry to one another and to those who are outside the walls of the church.

Our efforts as a church, are to serve the spiritual and moral life of our community. It is dedicated to the worship of God and consecrated to the task of the community and world uplift. May our congregation persevere in this cause until Christ is acknowledged as Lord of All.