Special Events

Chapel Time:
Once a week classes will go to the sanctuary for a Bible lesson lead by the pastors and/or the Christian Education Director.

Sing at The Current:
Your children will have the opportunity to sing at our 11am service on Sunday one time in the Fall and one time in the Spring.

Minds In Motion:
A sensory/motor integration program that increases a child’s physiological development which leads to measurable gains academically, socially, behaviorally and athletically.

Learning Without Tears:
A curriculum that is geared for preschool and pre-k students. This curriculum recognizes that preschoolers learn through movement and participation. They need explicit modeled instructions. They also need playful learning opportunities to explore and internalize new ideas. Preschoolers learn best when they move, manipulate objects, build, sing, draw, and participate in dramatic play. Preschoolers need instruction tailored to their different styles of learning. This program gives teachers tools to achieve these needs.

“Learning Without Tears” is used in all Sunshine Center classrooms.

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